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Our curriculum reflects our vision: ‘Together we: Aspire, Care and Succeed’.   Our learning curriculum combined with high quality teaching ensures that children are supported to achieve our mission statement: ‘be the best that they can be’.   We believe that great learning opens doors and expands horizons. The greatest gift that we can give to all our children is to instil a love of learning and develop a thirst for knowledge. This way they will achieve the best possible outcomes and build learning habits that will last a lifetime. 


At Aston Clinton School, we believe that all children are entitled to a broad and balanced curriculum that is word rich, interesting, engaging and provides a range of learning opportunities. We have designed our curriculum to ensure that children know more, remember more and are able to do more.   


When designing our curriculum, we took into account the needs of our learners and community, our vision and values, and the location of our school and evidence related to how children learn.  


These ‘big ideas’ or curriculum drivers were used to underpin the development work to ensure that we have well sequenced, coherent, ambitious schemes of work in all subjects in all areas of school life. This means that our curriculum offer is enriched and personalised to our children, their families and our community.  


For details about how we adapt our curriculum for pupils with disabilities please see our Accessibility Plan.

'SEEDS' are our drivers.  

They ensure we develop lifelong learners who grow and flourish.



Enhanced Curriculum


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Curriculum Subjects


Please follow the links below to find out more about each curriculum subject.