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PE and Sport Premium


Primary PE and Sport Premium is an initiative that aims to increase and improve the PE and sporting opportunities for children. Funding is provided jointly by the Department for Education, the Department for Health and Culture and the Department for Media and Sport.  It has been allocated to primary schools and is ring-fenced, meaning that it can only be spent on the provision of PE and sport in schools.


At Aston Clinton, we recognise the importance that PE and sports play in the lives of children by promoting healthy lifestyles and developing them physically, emotionally and mentally. We believe that children’s self-esteem, attitude and self-discipline are all improved by being able to engage in and achieve success in sporting activities.


We are committed to ensuring that all pupils receive at least 1 hour per week of well planned, high quality PE - delivered by confident and well-trained staff.  We aim to use the funding effectively to ensure that standards of learning and achievement in PE and Sports are raised, with all children, regardless of their background, engaging in physical activity as part of the curriculum and extra-curricular provision.


How much money will we receive?

For the current academic year 2023-24, we will receive £19,376.


Our Initial Plans For The Use Of The Sports Premium Funding include:

  • Continuing membership of the Mandeville Sports Partnership (who provide competitions, festivals and staff development training).
  • Continuing to improve and increase the opportunities for physical activity throughout the day.
  • Developing the provision of play during break and lunch
  • Developing children's engagement with the environment
  • Organising sports events to encourage our local community to become actively involved in sport (Sports Days etc).


Monitoring Impact Of Our Spending:

As a school, we are required to monitor the impact of our sport premium spending. We will continually do this, and assess the impact of our spending, through student, parent and staff interviews/discussions.


Our PE subject leader, will monitor children’s participation in lessons/clubs and inter-school events in order to target clubs/lessons/events to engage all children.  She will liaise with the staff to discuss professional development in all areas of our PE curriculum and develop team-teaching opportunities to ensure teachers are competent and confident to deliver high-quality PE lessons.


Governors will meet regularly with the PE subject leader to ensure the Sport Premium money is used in the best way to promote physical activity and sport across the school, ensuring that all our children have the chance to experience new opportunities and be successful in a range of activities.