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51 Things to Do and Achieve at Aston Clinton School

School council helped us to review our curriculum.  The children decided that the following 51 points, were things that all children should have the entitlement to achieve before they finished their primary education.


We have built these into our curriculum. 


  1. Model exemplary behaviour at all times
  2. Have a circle of true friends
  3. Read confidently
  4. Believe in our abilities
  5. Write confidently
  6. At least one gold house point certificate
  7. Use commas correctly!
  8. Be able to tell the time
  9. The ability to work well in a team
  10. Be confident to try new things
  11. Ability to be respectful to people and value property
  12. Understand how to stay healthy
  13. Learn a new sport
  14. Compete in a sport for the school
  15. Always do our best in everything
  16. Times tables to 12 x 12
  17. Learn good sportsmanship
  18. Participate in an extra -curricular club or activity
  19. Learn a new language
  20. Try new foods
  21. Ride a bike
  22. Learn how to build a bonfire
  23. Learn fire safety
  24. Be able to keep ourselves safe in life and on the internet
  25. Learn to sew
  26. Make a snowman
  27. Build everlasting memories
  28. Learn a musical instrument
  29. Learn to read music
  30. Be able to cut with scissors accurately
  31. Learn road safety
  32. Develop a love of learning
  33. Be able to use basic technology
  34. Have a new hobby
  35. Be able to prepare a healthy meal
  36. Camp overnight
  37. Build a shelter
  38. Stay away from home for two nights
  39. Go on a boat
  40. Identify common plants and trees of the UK
  41. Go on a bug hunt
  42. Touch type
  43. Play conkers
  44. Write a song
  45. Make hot drinks
  46. Litter pick for the community
  47. Teach other children
  48. Conquer a fear
  49. Work independently
  50. Find our personal role-model
  51. Have an understanding of how to protect the environment