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When your child joins our school, you will be asked to fill out an admission form that provides us with details about your child. Each year we send out a data checking form and emergency contact card which we ask parents to review and amend, if necessary. 

Please remember to let us know if you move house, change your phone number, email address or place of work during the year.


The school has a number of ways that it keeps in touch with parents.


1. The Friday Flyer

This is the weekly newsletter which gives information about the school, forthcoming events and reports from children about their work and visits. The newsletter is emailed to parents every Friday and posted on the school website (please see our Newsletters section). 


2. Emails

The majority of communication between school and home is via email. Parents need to check their inbox regularly and let us know if they change their email address.


3. Text messages

From time to time, the school will send out text messages about school events or specific issues such as school closures due to snow. It is important we have parents up to date mobile number at all times.


4. Website

Our website has a lot of information about our school such as policies, special events and key information for parents.


5. Face to face

When we need to talk to a parent, or they need to talk to the school, about a specific issue relating to their child, it is sometimes better to talk face to face. Please contact the office if you need to make an appointment.