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At Aston Clinton, we believe that 'After School and Lunchtime Clubs' are an essential part of our 'enhanced' curriculum.  We feel that they provide children with experiences beyond the school day and enable them to discover more about themselves.  Alongside our own staff we employ a mix of specialists to provide a range of exciting opportunities.


Some examples of clubs we have recently offered include: 


Craft club*  Football club * Homework club* Gardening Club * Netball Club *Dodgeball Club * Science Club * French Club*  Running Club* Choir*


Club prices vary depending on resource costs; however, we always try to keep them as low as possible and will offer support for those children in receipt of pupil premium funding.


We also participate in rich and varied activities with classmates and families. Some examples from recent years are:


Young Voices at the London 02 Arena * Music Concerts * Camping * Inter-schools sports competitions * 


Details of the clubs currently offered are given in the following link: