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Year 4 - Whipsnade Zoo + Overnight Sleepover

On Friday 30th June, Year 4 visited Whipsnade Zoo during the day to learn all about endangered animals. When we got back to school, we enjoyed our 'free time' on the KS1 playground before coming in to eat our dinner. For dinner we had: Domino's pizza, chicken nuggets, garlic bread and ice lollies! 

Then came the really fun part... our overnight sleepover! We got our sleeping bags out and set them up next to our friends. We watched a David Attenborough episode whilst eating our late-night sweet snacks! Some of us got to sleep very quickly but some of us were still full of energy (poor teachers!)!

In the morning, some of us woke up really early (5am!) so we watched a film in one of the classrooms whilst everyone else continued to sleep until 7am. It was then time to pack up all our things and have some breakfast together before heading home! 

"I loved hearing a tiger yawn, seeing the bears playing together, seeing the penguins swim and holding a butterfly! I also enjoyed watching David Attenborough before bedtime." Lucy 4MW 

"I enjoyed going to see the butterfly house because it was fun to see all the different ones. I enjoyed EVERYTHING when we got back to school!" Lily 4MW 

"I enjoyed seeing the brown bears playing together and I also enjoyed going into the butterfly house. I loved the Domino's pizza, watching David Attenborough and ice lollies!" Macy 4MW 

"I liked when we watched David Attenborough, ate lots of snacks and stayed up late!" Ethan K 4MW 

"It was really fun because I saw my favourite animal in the world... penguins! I didn't get much sleep but it was really fun to have the sleepover." Dennis 4OL 

"It was exciting to find some animals that I hadn't seen before. The sleepover was really good and I liked the pizza!" Zachary 4OL 

"I liked it when we saw the tigers because I heard them roar. I liked the garlic bread and the sleepover... although I didn't get to sleep!" Harriet 4OL 

"I liked when we went to the zoo because I saw my favourite animal (giraffe). The sleepover was funny because we were making jokes." Evie 4OL