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Year 4 Trip to College Lake

I liked the bird watching. I used binoculars to look for different birds and watched whether they were eating, flying or perching. Florence 4MW

I liked when we were bug hunting. We had pots, trays and spoons to try and collect different bugs from the grassland habitat. Georgia 4MW

My favourite part of the trip was the bird watching and looking over the actual lake! Jack E 4MW

I really liked using the binoculars and looking over the views. Leo S 4MW

I really liked the exploring and the bird watching. Milla 4OL

In the Nature Detective Zone, I was in the Bat group and we had to find bones, footprints, fur/feathers to decide which animal lived in our zone. It was a badger! Ava 4OL

I loved the Detective Zone because we got to find skulls, bones, footprints and even holes in the ground! We found out that a deer lived in our zone! Amelia 4OL

I liked the bird watching because I saw some of my favourite birds and I even saw a pheasant! Leah 4OL