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World Book Day 2021 - Take One Book - The Umbrella

What an amazing day the children had and it was wonderful to see so many children dressed up too, so thank you 😊

Here’s what the children got up to 😊


In Reception…


In Reception, the children spent the whole week exploring the story 😊


Then they did many activities based on the book including:


Orally retelling the story, labelling the animals from the underwater scene as well as writing about a time when they had been scared and who helped to make you feel better.


Wow! What amazing work from our talented Reception children. 😊


In Year 1…

The children loved reading the story at home and online.  They were amazed by the illustrations and enjoyed spotting all the animals and adventures the little dog went on. 

In science, the children have been learning about animals and animal groups so they sorted all the animals they found into mammals, birds, reptiles and some children added a fish group too!

The children then wrote a postcard from the dog to Mr Postmouse (they have been learning about his adventures).  We chose to write about the page when the dog was floating over the African Savannah. 


In Year 2 …

The children enjoyed reading 'The Umbrella' together on TEAMS and shared their wonderful costumes! The Tiger who came to Tea was a popular costume choice and they even had Emeline Pankhurst and Paddington Bear! The Year 2 children in school, set up a fashion show to strut and pose in their costumes to music!


Home and school learners were asked to think of a place they would like to fly to if they had an umbrella like the one in the story, or places they like to dream of or visit.


In class, the children used percussion instruments to add music to create atmosphere for the pictures in the story, we also enjoyed discussing each picture together and gave the black dog the name 'Fluffy'!


In Year 3…


The children had two options to choose from:

They could write the story from the point of view of the dog. They were given a story start and their task was to finish the story using the pictures from the book to describe and explain the dog's adventure.

Or, they could write the story from the point of view of the cat. They were asked to think about what might happen if the cat at the end of the story picked up the umbrella.  What might happen to the cat and where may it have ended up or gone with the umbrella?


In Year 4…


The children pretended they were an author who had been tasked with writing words to go along with 2/3 of the settings the dog visited - either the 1st or 3rd person.  They focused on some recent grammar we had been learning in lockdown - e.g. adverbials, expanded noun phrases and the punctuation used in dialogue.  

The children also picked from other options such as:

  • imagining where the cat might travel to and writing about his or her adventures
  • drawing a scene of somewhere else the dog might visit
  • creating music to go along with the story
  • making an umbrella for our own adventures

In Year 5…


The children started off by planning our cat’s adventure, we chose 3 or 4 locations and researched the climate, features of the landscape, plants and animals in each location and took notes to help us with our writing and illustrations later in the day.

The children then wrote the story of the cats’ journey and illustrated it in the style of Ingrid Schubert. 😊


In Year 6…


The children spent quite a long time looking through the story and dissecting each page. The kids loved it and they discussed the illustrations and the emotions that came from them.


Then, the children thought about what comes next. We imagined that the cat then went on his own journey and we were going to create a sequel to the original story. The children began by planning the biome, country, what animals 'cat' would come across, feeling and emotions, how 'cat' then progresses to the next biome. The children then 'wrote' the story with a small amount of figurative language and beautiful illustrations.


What an impressive day of learning 😊

All that is left for me to say is….

Well done to all our children both at home and in school for their amazing learning on World Book Day.  We were very impressed by their work and I think we have some budding authors of the future right here at Aston Clinton School. 😊

Mrs Geach - Phonics and Reading Subject Leader