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Remote Learning Post Lockdown Survey

95% agreed our remote learning offer was clear to understand

· Communication with the school 98% said it was good/adequate

· Over half of responses agreed the amount of work being asked to complete at home was manageable

· 91% of children were engaged and motivated to complete their work

· Maths—77% agreed the Maths work set was pitched at the right level

· English—82% agreed the English work set was pitched at the right level

· In terms of their mental health 86% of children coped ok/well with the demands of home learning during lockdown and were generally happy

· 85% agreed over the course of a week, comments/feedback on selected pieces of work provided useful advice.

· 81% said the schools remote learning provision was excellent/good  (96% said adequate/good/excellent)


What aspect of remote learning did you find most useful or valuable?

“The teachers engaging with my child”

“Staff were amazing”

“Being able to see what the children were working on a day to day basis”

“The children seeing each other and being able to engage with each other”

“Seeing the teachers daily”

“Live lessons were really good”

“Teams calls”

“All live calls with teachers”

“English and maths videos”

“Everything, the teachers were very professional and all sessions were structured.  Grateful to the teachers”


We have made adaptions to school routines—What 1 thing would you like to see the school retain post lockdown?


“Keep the free flow drop offs in the morning”

“To continue using DB Primary for homework”

“PE Kit worn on the days they have PE”

“Parents Drop and Go in the morning”

“Virtual Parents Evening”

“Setting homework online—means nothing gets left at school or lost”

“staggered pick up time so it’s not so crowded on the playground”


How do you feel we could improve remote learning?

“I thought it was amazing, my child was able to login and carry on her school day independently. “


“I felt the remote learning was excellent.”


“Slowing the maths down, it was incredibly quick moving.”


“I’m not sure, it was set up very well.”


“mix it up with live online lessons as well as task setting, rather than using external presentations”


“DB Primary was sometimes a little tricky to navigate “


“Overall we were happy but some of the subjects could have different activities for ability”


 “A rule to keep cameras on at all times during the lesson”

“Online live lessons were missing. Learning new concepts without teacher interaction is very hard”


 I think the balance was right!

All brilliant, just less live lessons for the younger ones


 Do not use Oak National Academy for English. It is uninspiring and dreary

 I think the best was done under incredibly difficult circumstances to accommodate a range of children’s needs/ ages / abilities

Remote learning was spot on