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Author Visit - Nizrana Farook

Nizrana Farook did a writing workshop with Year 4 and Year 5. She taught us (Year 5) how to start a book in her style. Her way is to have a picture in front of you and visualise the setting. She also taught us that to make a book starter you have to make it sudden and make it tense by starting in the middle of the action! To describe the setting, Nizrana encouraged use to use our senses to describe the setting rather than saying where we were. As reading and writing ambassadors, we were able to interview her. Nizrana shared with us that to publish a book, it takes one to two years but it depends on the book you are writing. At lunch time, Nizrana did a book signing and signed our books and writing. In assembly, she told key stage two how her life was in Sri-Lanka. We did a quiz with her and she played a video of elephants swimming in the sea because she was proving that elephants can swim. Nizrana likes to use facts about the animals in her story as a way of informing children about the animal. She also told us why she moved to the United Kingdom because of the war but it wasn’t in her area but she wanted to be safe and write books here. In assembly, she also said that leopards can carry two times its weight up a tree. We learnt lots of things at assembly and we really enjoyed it. It was a really fun experience.

(Liam, Writing Ambassador and Laura, Reading Ambassador)

‘ I really enjoyed having Nizrana Farook come to our school! She taught us how to write a story in three stages. Number 1 senses, number 2 the worst possible thing that could happen and number 3 writing it. I thought it was very fun!’ Iris (5P)