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ACSA Thank you

Good morning ACSA, 


Thank you very much for the £300 that you donated to Year 4. We decided to put the money towards an educational visit for the children. On Tuesday 21st March, Year 4 visited Ufton Court (in Reading) for a fun filled day all about the Anglo-Saxons. The children experienced a variety of Anglo-Saxon games, developed their weaving/ spinning skills and also took part in an exhilarating re-enactment of the ‘Battle of Reading’!


What did the children think? 

 “I really enjoyed the battle. I was the King of the Anglo-Saxons and I ruled the rest of the class, they were my farmers/ soldiers. I enjoyed the different battle formations that we fought in.” Charlie 4MW  

 “I liked when we made sparks with flint and steel. I also did some weaving to make a fence and spun wool to try and make string.” Macy 4MW  

 “I liked playing all the Anglo-Saxon games. My favourite was ‘cub’. You had to try and knock down wooden posts by throwing a stick at them. It was kind of like bowling.” Ethan M 4MW  

 “I enjoyed the whole day! I really liked the battle because our class were the Anglo-Saxons and the other class were the Vikings. We won in the end!” Lucy 4MW  

 “I loved the activities that we played inside and outside. My favourite game was the dice game where you had to try and lie to your partner about the number you rolled.” Dennis 4OL  

 “I loved re-enacting the Battle of Reading. Not only did we get to act it out, we learnt so much about it!” Seyi 4OL  

 “My favourite part was when we took part in the battle. We were the Vikings and the other class were the Anglo-Saxons.” Zachary 4OL  

 “I liked learning about the Anglo-Saxon skills. I spun wool, made sparks using steel and flint and I also wattled fencing using bamboo.” Isla 4OL 


We have also attached some photos from the day to this email. 


Once again, thank you very much for the donated money. This educational trip would not have been possible without it. 


Many thanks, 

The Year 4 Team