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Jellybeans are year 5’s who go to the infant playground at lunchtime to entertain and look out for the younger children.  When you become a Jellybean you get to wear a yellow hi-viz jacket at lunchtime, which has 'Jellybean' on the back in capital letters so the children know who we are. Every so often we have a meeting to decide which days we are going out and who we’re working with.   


On those days, we go to lunch as soon as we get out of class so we have enough time to play with them. After lunch, we go into the PE cupboard to collect the supplies we need for the time we are out there.


Near the end of the year, the Jellybeans talk to the year 4s about becoming Jellybeans when they’re in year 5. After we have spoken to them, we give the year 4s time to write a letter to tell us why they should become a Jellybean.


The Jellybeans