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Banksy Day

Report written by Amy & Jessica 4JS


Year 4 took part in an art day to learn about the famous spray paint artist Banksy.

Banksy is a British spray paint artist and his identity is kept anonymous. There might be some rumours about Banksy but we don’t know who he is. Banksy started his graffiti in Bristol. If he was caught, he would have gone to prison but now he is a famous artist. So, even if he was found he wouldn’t really get into much trouble. Banksy often paints on public places such as streets, under bridges and train stations. Banksy tries to send a message in his art. Mainly the topics are about politics, poverty, war, and climate change. He uses home-made stencils to spray paint his drawings.

We made stencils from card and we cut the stencils out with scissors. Some of us even got to use craft knives.

After we had made our stencils, we had a go at spray painting our designs onto a board. Everyone found it really fun.

We spent the day thinking about all the messages that Banksy used in his art, and thought about meanings for our own stencils.

In the afternoon we did some watercolour paints and made our own versions of famous paintings. We chose to either copy the paintings, or create a ‘ruined’ version. Some of the famous paintings we recreated were; Sunflowers by Vincent van Gogh and the Mona Lisa.

This day was really fun and everyone enjoyed it!


Quotes from the day:

It was great fun as we got to use spray paint! I loved making stencils and learning how to use a Stanley knife. – Laurie


We got to do fun art things like painting and using stencils – Abbie


I found it great fun learning different art skills.  Freddie


It was a lovely day – we got to make stencils, cut using a Stanley knife and even spray paint!  Ruby