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Year 5 Trip to the Living Rainforest

This week, Year 5 had a fantastic day at The Living Rainforest learning about how different animals have adapted to their environment in places such as the Amazon, Madagascar and other countries on the Equator.  

We saw all sorts of colourful birds, mammals and reptiles.  Some comments from the children are included below: 


I like the sloth high up in the tree! Morgan 

I learnt about lots of cool animals and plants. Charlie H 

I learnt a lot about toucans and how they have adapted in the rainforest. Akiraa 

We learnt that there are 4 layers of the rainforest. Charlie B 

I loved seeing lots of different species of animals including sloths, armadillos and poison dart frogs. Tessa 

I loved learning about how snakes move and how long alligators stay still waiting for their prey.  Damian  

I learnt that toucans hop more than fly for some odd reason and they come in groups too. William 

I loved the Living Rainforest. It really really felt like I was in the real rainforest. My favourite bit was the Iguana. I learnt that Iguanas have a long tail to whip predators and they’re herbivores. Archie 

Lizards can use their tails as a whip. Oliver P 

Year 5 went to the Living Rainforest in Newbury, and I really loved it because all the animals were really cool. My new interesting fact is that poison dart frogs get their poison from animals that eat poisonous plants in the rainforest. Freya T 

I thought the school trip was very fun because I learnt about all the different creatures like frogs and birds. I had a wonderful time and now I want to go back there because I love learning about the animals in the rainforest. Laura  

I really liked our school trip to the living rainforest. We saw animals like turtles and a sloth. We learnt that poison dart frogs get their poison from bugs that eat poisonous leaves and then the frog would eat the bug. They had some cool snakes as well and we saw the sloth sleeping in the trees. Aimee 

I love the school trip and I learnt that there are gummivores. I also loved seeing the sloth in was so cute. Dylan 

We went to the Living Rainforest in Newbury. We learnt that plant grow big leaves in the rainforest to catch as much sunlight as possible. We also learnt that gummivores eat tree sap. Olly