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Year 3 September 2020

Year 3
The children in year 3 have settled really well back into school and we are very impressed at how they are tackling their learning and doing their best even when they find it a little tricky after being home for so long!
During the first week back the children learnt about the artist Romero Britto who started the “Happy Art” movement. The children agreed that his art did make them feel happy and cheerful since it is so bright and colourful! After exploring shapes in the natural world, they all designed and painted their own picture in his style.
The children have started learning about skeletons and their functions. We challenged them to have a go at drawing the human skeleton before doing any research and then they had to look at drawings to see what they needed to do to improve it.
They have also enjoyed learning about the names of the different bones.
We have been doing work based around the story Stone Age boy. The children have been retelling the story and using descriptive language to describe a setting and one of the main characters.
The children are learning about the Stone Age and what it might have been like to live during this time. They enjoyed taking part in an “archaeological dig” to help them understand how we learn about prehistory.