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The Big Year 6 Camp Out

Well what a fantastic three days and two nights we had on our very special year 6 residential!

The experience started on the morning of Wednesday 23rd June when we all arrived at school with all our kit and happy, smiling faces, ready to start our adventure.                                                                   


The first day was full of brain tingling challenges and problem solving. Wow – did they make us work hard! We solved the key code challenge, built towers without touching, completed the gutter run and solved the toxic waste disaster plus many other mind bogglers. Thank goodness we got a break at lunchtime with a delicious packed lunch supplied by Pat at The Oak – Yum. Just what was needed.


At the end of the school day, when everyone else in the school went home, it was time to the real camp to begin. We collected our kit and made our way through to the school sports field – our home until Friday. When we entered the field, it was so exciting to see how the field had been transformed into a festival style campsite. It then hit us that we now needed to put up the tents. Another challenge for us all.


After this, we could settle in for some food, fun and games. The highlight for everyone was the Tug-of-War! Although I think the teachers are still sulking that they did not win.


That evening it was time to settle down with the campfire before bed. Of course, with hot chocolate and marshmallows! We were then totally ready for settling down for bed after a thoroughly exhausting day.


The next morning, after a delicious pancake and fruits breakfast, we embarked on a non-stop day of activities. Today, we perfected our archery skills, built giant catapults, learned a range of survival skills and enjoyed a walk to the park to develop our understanding of orienteering.


After some more fun and games, as well as making our survival bracelets, it was time for another BBQ, again from The Oak.


Again, we couldn’t have another evening without more marshmallows, smores and hot chocolate! It really did not feel like we were on our school field.


Our final day of camp gave us our final dose of adventure. Team challenges, skateboarding, fencing and an ENORMOUS climbing wall!


Everyone had an absolutely amazing time at our Big Year 6 Camp Out. We will cherish the memories forever!


Here are some of our thoughts…


The year six camp was the best time I’ve had at school since the pandemic started, it really felt like normal life again. We had fun, enjoyed many fantastic activities, and camp challenges. It was an unforgettable time with my closet friends that will stay in my memories forever. Thank you to all the teachers and organisers for allowing all of us to have this experience. 
Jimmy Chapman 6HP 


My best highlight of year 6 camp out 2021 was the giant catapult we made and launched tennis balls at the tent it was awesome!!!

Angel w