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Anti-bullying week

Anti-Bullying Week

'Everyone at Aston Clinton School are putting their hands up and pledging to put an end to bullying.'


This week we have been working in our bubbles using the work of the anti-bullying alliance and the NSPCC  to think about anti-bullying and how to be a better friend.  The key message this year is that we are united against bullying.

In school, the children joined over a million students across the UK  for The Big Anti-Bullying Assembly 2020 which was broadcast on You Tube.  Following this assembly, the children completed an activity where they had to write down 5 people who they could go to if they need help (their support network) on a hand (so one finger is one person).  Below are some pictures of the children completing this activity and also some quotes from the classes.  


Year 4

"If you get bullied you shouldn't follow and become a bully yourself" Abbie H

"Never think that you're alone, you will always have someone to speak to" Laurie J

"There are lots of different types of bullying including cyberbullying, verbal, physical and indirect bullying" Felicity R

"If you are bullied report it to someone you trust" Ben P 

'We have learnt about what to do in different situations about bullying.' Olivia C

'In PSHE, we have been learning about cyber bullying and we have realised if you receive a mean email on a game you should tell your parents.' James B


In year 5, at the start of Anti Bullying Week, we looked at what bullying is and what a bully looks like. We found out that anyone could be a bully. We then discussed why people become bullies and how to support the bully and the person who is being bullied. In our classes, we discussed many scenarios and what to do in them. We now have a much better understanding of how to deal with a bullying if it were to occur. 

Later in the week, we watched a video of well -known people talking about times when they were the victims of bullying. We thought about safe people who we would turn to if we felt we were being bullied and decorated a hand print with their names.


In Year 2 we learned how to be a good friend and who to turn to if they were worried about bullying. We watched a fun assembly in class and completed our support network activity - five people we can turn to to help us. We made an anti-bullying pledge. We had a discussion after the assembly about how we are going to do acts of kindness within our class bubble. 


Year 1 have been learning about how to be a good friend and make sure everyone feels happy and confident in our class. We talked about what bullying is and then thought about the way we wanted to behave towards each other. 

We then designed a ‘kindness’ cap for our gingerbread person.

Here’s what some of us wrote:

'Don't hurt people' - Bruno

'Be kind at all times' - Teddy

'Don't hurt anyone's feelings' - Evie

'Love everyone' - Mayomikun

No bullying in our school' - Fleur


In Reception for anti-bullying week we listened to the story 'Topsy and Tim Help a Friend' and talked about what bullying means and how we can make good choices and be kind to our friends.  We also talked about who to talk to if someone is unkind.  We listened to a song by 'Andy and the Odd Socks' and talked about what makes us different.  We also designed our own pair of odd socks.