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School Values

Values are what guide our behaviour and thinking. They are the standard that we judge ourselves and others against. Fundamentally Values help us make decisions and evaluate the actions of others.


Aston Clinton School’s Values















Values Education is an approach to teaching and learning rather than a new subject to fit in to a very busy curriculum. It aims to promote a common set of values that will positively affect behaviour and contribute to the peace and well being of society. Ultimately it will help children choose their own positive personal, social, moral and spiritual values. As a group from our Parents meeting said, it provides their children with a ‘ Values toolkit for life’


We have chosen this approach as it develops the whole child and we firmly believe this is what schooling should be about. It helps develop the children’s emotional intelligence and helps raise their self confidence and self esteem. It encourages children to take greater responsibility for their behaviour and learning and fosters the development of self discipline. Most importantly, it introduces a moral vocabulary so children can discuss values and what kind of life they want for themselves. The children will have an assembly about the value for the month and then a lesson in class. The rest of the time it is about noticing when the values are being displayed by everyone in the school. This is then celebrated.


As a parent you will play an important part in the work we will be doing. Values education is about adults modelling the values we feel are important - ‘walking the talk’ – as we know children learn by what they see. They mimic adults. This means all adults who come in to contact with our children need to have a role in helping them develop positive values. Explanations about what each value means to us is on this website. The current value is displayed on the home page of our website This gives you the opportunity to spot your child demonstrating the chosen value and allows you to discuss it with your child.