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Reading and Phonics



Knowledge is a seed that grows when you read.


We are a reading school! We are passionate about growing our children into fluent, confident readers.


Reading is given high priority at Aston Clinton; no other skill is more important than reading. It is the gateway to all other knowledge. If children do not learn to read efficiently, the path is blocked to every subject they encounter in their school years. 


At Aston Clinton, we are committed to teaching our pupils to become skilled readers who develop a comprehensive understanding of words, language and texts as they move through school.


They learn to read and then read to learn.

Our aim is to ensure that pupils develop a love of reading so that they can read for purpose and for pleasure. Moreover reading for pleasure, often and with enthusiasm, lays the foundations for life; you interact, react, empathise and understand the tools to express yourself and interpret life. Can you remember the first book that truly 'hooked' you?  

We provide children with a range of reading opportunities and strategies in order to do this including:

  • A systematic approach to the teaching of phonics in EYFS and KS1
  • A carefully designed reading scheme to ensure books are closely matched to ability
  • Enabling children to become fluent readers with automaticity, accuracy and prosody
  • A developed reading spine to engage and encourage reading for pleasure
  • Wider reading opportunities linked to all areas of the curriculum

At Aston Clinton, we carefully nurture each aspect of the child’s reading journey.  The skills of reading are carefully woven into our teaching and learning as we understand that reading is a multifaceted skill that gradually acquired over years of instruction and practise.

Please check back for Our Reading Curriculum handbook that is currently being revamped for September!



Systematic synthetic phonics is taught through a carefully designed curriculum throughout EYFS and KS1.  This is to ensure the pupils are taught new phonemes in a particular order using the four-part lesson format: revise, teach, practise and apply.  Whole-class teaching takes place on a daily basis.


From day one, in EYFS, we teach new sounds using Jolly Phonics which give the children a multi-sensory approach to their learning.  As the children move into KS1, they continue to use the actions to support their learning.  



Each lesson incorporates reading and writing of high frequency words that are linked to the long term curriculum plan.  The children learn to read the words before they write them.


Our reading scheme is also carefully designed to  ensure children enjoy and practise

their reading and are therefore able to access texts at their level.  Individual reading books in EYFS and KS1 match the pupils’ phonic knowledge, ensuring all words can be decoded.  The schemes are sequential and we use Collins Big Cat Phonics for Letters and Sounds, Jelly and Bean and also Dandelion Readers.