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Year 6 Heart Day

On one most thrilling Thursday, year six got to look inside a lamb’s heart.


Mrs White, the teacher of 5GW, kindly volunteered to show them the heart in a demonstration and then help out around the classroom. They got to identify main veins and arteries and put their fingers behind the heartstrings... yes, there is such thing! They also learned about how the blood is pushed around the body.


‘It was very fun and educational but quite disgusting. I want to do it again!’ quoted Joshua and Alfie in 6HP.

‘It was really cool to feel the heartstrings. They were really wiry, though it was also a bit disgusting and smelled,’ remarked Thomas in 6MW.


‘I found it really interesting that the muscle in the bottom left chamber of the heart was much thicker than the bottom right because the left chamber pumped blood all the way around the body whereas the right only had to push blood to the lungs,’ commented Rose.