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Year 5 Walk Around the Village...

A special day was awaiting the lucky year fives of Aston Clinton school. Since they were learning about the Victorians as their topic, the teachers took the year around Aston Clinton to identify Victorian buildings. They learned that buildings that are Victorian often have bright red brick, bricked up windows-which were very common at Ginger’s Farm- and a lavish amount of chimneys. The windows were bricked up because you had to pay ‘window tax’ in the Victorian times so, instead of having to give their money to the government, the Victorian people filled up the window holes with brick. Looking around the village, year five learned that The Bell Inn is Victorian, as well as our school’s clock school and the Anthony Hall.

“I learned a lot and it was really fun. I would make it better by being able to go closer to the buildings and see them in more detail because when we looked at some houses, we weren’t allowed to go too close” commented Lara in 5GW. 

“My favourite part was when we saw the washhouse, the huge white mansion down London Road,” Jayden in 5GW quoted.