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Victorian Day

Year 5 Victorian Day:

Victorian Day took place on Wednesday 27thNovember. The Year Fives experienced the school life of an ordinary Victorian child; a similar way it would have been over 100 years ago. It took place in the clock school – an actual Victorian school. 

“It was fun but strict. My favourite part was when we had to construct bridges out of lollipop sticks, string and split pins. We also learnt that 12 shillings create £1.” Zoe Prescott Year 5.

When the boys were learning how to march around the playground smartly, the girls were drawing hopscotch with coloured chalk on the concrete playground floor and then they were walking around the clock school with dictionaries precariously balanced on their heads. Numerous lessons came and went such as: handwriting, spelling, maths, bridge making and reading.

“It was very scary because if you were caught talking by a teacher you would have to stand up and get told off in front of the rest of the children. My favourite part was the bridge making. When we got separated and went outside, the boys had to do drills and march and walk smartly across the playground.” Rylee Year 5

This day was thoroughly enjoyed by the whole of Year 5 although it was frightening when you got told off. Hopefully most children in younger years will have an equally enjoyable experience when they move up.