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Knowledge & Understanding of the World


We aim to develop the children’s awareness of the past and of the way in which it differs from the present, as well as a sense of chronology. Children will study historical sources of different types and learn about important episodes and developments in Britain’s past from Stone Age to World War Two. They will investigate local history and changes in everyday life as well as ancient civilisations and the history from other parts of the world. Educational visits are an important aspect of our work in this area to bring the subject alive to children.


In geography, children are made aware of the world around them and encouraged to take a caring approach to looking after the planet. They will study different localities and physical features, which will enhance their knowledge and understanding of place and of patterns and processes. Through enquiry they will find out where places are, what has shaped them, how they have changed and what might happen in the future. We endeavour to relate geographical studies as closely as possible to first-hand experience through fieldwork both within the locality and further from home.


Religious Education

R.E. is taught according to the Buckinghamshire Agreed Syllabus. The aim is to enable children to learn about religion and from religion. In the course of their time at school children will learn about the major religions practised in the United Kingdom with most emphasis placed on teaching about Christianity. It is our hope that our Religious Education Syllabus will lead to our children developing an understanding of and respect for cultures and faith communities other than their own. Parents have a legal right to withdraw their child from Religious Education; parents wishing to exercise this right must notify the school in writing.


Collective Worship

The school day includes an assembly. The assembly is broadly Christian in character and includes songs and prayers. It is not the school's role to indoctrinate children, but to provide an opportunity to experience collective worship. Parents are entitled to withdraw their children from Collective Worship if they so wish. Before making such a decision you are requested to discuss this issue with the Headteacher.


Philosophy for Children (P4C)

P4C is a very important part of our curriculum at Aston Clinton School. It encapsulates the ethos, vision and values that we believe in and develops the individual as a caring, thinking individual who learns to respect the views of others , shares their own ideas clearly, takes turns and develops their thinking processes. We believe P4C nurtures children’s questioning skills and challenges their own and each other’s thinking. We aim to help our children develop into effective, critical and creative thinkers and to take responsibility for their own learning in a caring and collaborative environment by providing practical opportunities for them to develop good thinking, questioning and communication skills. P4C sessions are also used to develop children’s basic skills and dispositions that will enable them to contribute to a pluralistic British society. Through the use of P4C we aim to create a caring classroom situation where children; learn to listen to and respect each other and make links between matters of personal concern such as; love, growing up, friendship, bullying, fairness and the schools Golden Rules. We also cover more general philosophical issues such as; tolerance, rules of law, change, personal identity, free will, space, time, truth, safety, science, religion, history and the future.