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At Aston Clinton School, we believe:

  • That sound English skills are essential for progress across the curriculum and to prepare pupils for tasks in adult life.
  • That a confident, fluent and coherent understanding of English has a great effect on a pupil’s progress, both inside and outside of the school environment. ​
  • That a strong grounding in English will impact the future learning and development of a pupil in all aspects of their life.​
  • In the importance of providing a balanced and broad curriculum which encompasses writing practice, including handwriting, spelling, widening vocabulary, and writing for different styles, purposes and audiences, as well as focussing on spoken English, reading, grammar and pronunciation.​
  • That all pupils should know how to plan, practise, edit and evaluate their work, in addition to developing their knowledge in all elements of English, in accordance with the National Curriculum.​

Our intent in writing is to ensure that all children leave Aston Clinton School with:

Year 1 using actions to help them retell the story 'We're Going on a Bear Hunt', before rewriting the story in their own words. 

Our intent in reading is to ensure that all children leave Aston Clinton School with: