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Aston Clinton School

2020 - 2021

Our over arching aim for Behaviour and attitudes is: To ensure pupil and staff well-being is safeguarded and children are supported in transitioning back to full-time education



  • Support pupils returning to school by ensuring a consistent and clear approach to    

       behaviour management (Restorative Justice) across the school.

  • Use Pastoral data e.g. Safeguarding, Behaviour, absence and First Aid data to track 

       patterns and trends, to ensure all pupils' needs are being met and any issues are 

       addressed swiftly. 

  • The Academic Mentor will support children who are having to shield or isolate due to Covid to ‘keep up’ not  ‘catch up’ so that their academic and pastoral needs are met.
  • For teachers to revise and incorporate metacognitive strategies to support and restore

       positive attitudes to learning and helping pupils to re-learn how to learn. 

  • The Attendance Officer will monitor and track attendance and punctuality of groups of pupils especially all vulnerable pupils inclucing Pupil Premium and SEND on a daily basis. 


Spring Update 2021:

We ensured that everyone understood remote 'behaviour expectations' within our Safeguarding addendum. We also revisited behaviour expectations upon return to ensure that they were commonly understood by children and staff. We are now using CPOMS to track behaviours as part of safeguarding and early identification. The number of incidents escalated to the school's SLT are low.  Daily learning walks show that there is a calm, purposeful learning environment. Attendance remains consistent at 98.4%. National (in normal circumstances)= 96%. The 'soft start' has led to increased punctuality. Zero exclusions this term. We have also carried out a parent and pupil survey and published the results in the Friday Flyer.


Autumn Term Update:

Following a significant break from normal schooling in 2019-2020 we felt it was vital to reinforce the features that underpin our ethos and vision with all pupils. Since the beginning of the Autumn term, we have been particularly keen to focus on re-establishing school routines and values. We have created class charters to establish class rules and we have revisited those to examine how we are making progress.   We have spent time learning to help re-establish a sense of community and pride. We have worked with families to support children who  are experiencing any difficulties with settling back into school.  We have established the role of the academic mentor and have used her expertise in supporting children at home. We have closely tracked attendance and punctuality against this time last year and can report that the percentage at Autumn 1 2019 was 97% and the percentage at Autumn 1 2020 is 97%. The national attendance figure is 95% and the current figure is 89% nationally so we are elated with this.  


Autumn 2 Update:

We have continued to monitor behaviour across the school and track children's attendance. The school's Emotional Support Worker has worked with all staff to deliver well-being activities. During December, we supported the community by singing via Zoom and carrying out a number of activities to support the well-being of staff and pupils. Attendance remained high at 96.9%.